Friday, August 21, 2009

Roberto Cavalli Club Dubai

In case you didn't know, Dubai is clinically addicted to European luxury brands.
So here, now you know.

Bags, stores and cars are not enough for this city. It needs more to feed on.
It needs designer-branded real estate.

Roberto Cavalli (look at that precious face! just look at it and try to find one natural element on it!) opened club here past May.
This was his 1-st club, Florence and Milan locations were added later.

If you are interested, here is what inside:

Black quartz floors
Six-meter high walls dripping with Swarovski crystals
Entrance hall featuring exclusive Cavalli jewelry
Atolls in gold-colored glass and fur, suspended from the floor hosting a sushi bar and wine bar
A restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine
Bottles of Roberto Cavalli Vodka
Cavalli-signed chocolates

Cavalli-signed chocolates in particular boggle my mind. How did he sign them?

P.S. In the works are Palazzo Versace and some kind of apartments by Armani.For real!


Anonymous said...

was there last week and I LOVED IT !! Wow what an amazing place, never seen anything like it before!! The food was delicious and excellent service to!! For the clubbing - GREAT music that night!! we had a great time! Really recommend everyone to go there, it´s a must-see in Dubai!!

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