Sunday, September 19, 2010

Armani/Dubai Caffe

I was chatting today with my absolutely fabulous friend Jamala, and she gave me an idea about this post.

So, Jamala, this post is dedicated to you!

See, when gorgeous people of Dubai want to have a bite to eat, or just have some juice, or, perhaps a piece of cake, they don't go to any old Libby's, or Shonney's, or God forbid, IHOP (I personally miss all of these places).

They go to Emporio Armani Caffe.

Did you know that Giorgio Armani not only sells suits, but also soups and sandwiches?
Now you know.

There are 2 Armani Caffes in Dubai - one in Dubai Mall, another in Mall of Emirates.

Armani Caffes are furnished from toothpick to couch with Armani/Casa merchandise, which i think is very streamlined and sleek.

They serve everything you would expect to see on the menu in any self-respecting Italian osteria - gazpacho, pizza, pasta, etc.

So, next time you are hungry in Dubai, go eat there. Who knows, you might even run into him:

Jamala certainly did; but he wasn't wearing a top hat. I just like the picture.

P.S. I'm not gonna post pix of Armani Caffe offerings - after all, really, who wants to look at arugula salad when you can feast your eyes on these muffins instead.


Jemala said...

Thank you, darling, I am so proud to be a part of your blog post! Not only you called me fabulous, but also described our favorite hangout, and even managed to post the pictures of our favorite celebs!

Isha Shiri said...

Hello dear! Thank you for your visit to my Blog.

Dubai is trés chic and interesting. I loved your posts and follow you now.

Peace be upon you.

Message in a Bottle said...

Hi, thanks much for the visit and adding me to your contacts. You have one great site here that's full of stuff loads for the taking. Cheers and more power always!

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