Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco

Check it:  beautiful redhead AND a real life Princess!

It's like a Disney cartoon coming to life!

But wait, this particular redhead not just beauty, but brain too!

OK, enough with the exclamation points already.
I bet not many of you in the western hemisphere heard of Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco - so, gather round, children,  here is the story of a true princess:

Salma Benanni was a young daughter of a school teacher when she met real life Prince (Prince of Morocco) and agreed to marry him.  She was working at one of the largest local companies as a "qualified IT engineer", but after marring the prince she stopped fixin' computers, me thinks.
She became "Lalla", which in Morocco means "Lady" and gave birth to 2 kids.
Princess Lalla Salma supports a host of charities, does a lot for cancer awareness and also involved in Moroccan Fez Music Festival.

And she has gorgeous hair!  And knows how to wear the dust out of kaftan!

 So, keep on dreaming, sistahs, cause fairy-tale endings do happen and a commoner can become a princess.


Jemima said...

Lovely photos! x

sabrina said...

She is too perfect Allah I khaliha dima zwina xx

Anonymous said...

I adore her she's wonderful and lovely

fati said...

pour plus de beauté et caftan voir:

Anonymous said...

looks really good

nigah said...

osm lady luving her

Anonymous said...

shes not beautiful at all. she cant hold a candle to amira or mosah. its obvious.

Anonymous said...

Amira Mosah is plastic, yuck!! You don't understand real natural beauty...most men will choose Salma in a second!

Anonymous said...

Red women are scary!!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous woman , the king is a lucky man indeed.

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