Friday, July 15, 2011

I love eclairs: Spanish Edition

My wonderful husband took me to Spain for much deserved vacation (much deserved by him, not me).
While there are many unbelievably wondrous sites in Spain, I'd like to share with you things that are so undeniably girly and pretty that it will make any signorita's heart swoon - flamenco dresses, fans and shoes.

Check them out :

580 Euro!!!

Flamenco Shoe Store

Flamenco Shoes for Little Girls

I loved the little polka-dotty ones

Not sure what this is, but embroidery is quite exquisite.


xoussef said...

B'seha the undeserved vacation ^^

The last item is probably a Capote de paseo, a cape worn by Toreros.

i.r. said...

Thanks, xoussef! I went to see corrida in Sevilla, and the costumes of the toreros were absolutely amazing - intricate beading, beautiful colors and embroidery. It was young "novillados" torreros, perhaps that's why they wore pink socks, not white as they are usually shown with.

Unknown said...

Fans and fishtails...I love it!

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