Monday, August 29, 2011

Queen Fawzia of Iran

To the manor born (1921), bred and married, Princess Fawzia is a daughter of last King of Egypt and first ex-wife of last Emperor/Shah of Persia.
Remember, the one that was also married to Empress Farah Pahlavi?

The marriage was suppose to be an aliance of two super-powers at their heyday, but was not long and produced only one daughter.

Princess Fawzia didn't always look so breathtaking. Yes, sure she was cute and all before, but frankly nothing special to look at:

It's only after her marriage to Shah she seemed to lost some weight, plucked her eyebrows, hired a new make-up pro and changed her hair-do.

She turned into an Empress.

Cecil Beaton who photographed her for Vogue named her "Asian Venus". She became a celebrity in her own right, her stunning face was captured for a slew of western fashion mags and the best couturiers of the time clamored for the privilege to dress her.

Photo by Cecil Beacon
Photo by Cecil Beacon
However, the marriage only lasted 7 years - rumor had it that her sister-in-law was detrimental in it's ruin. Apparently, Shah's twin sister (who was also quite gorgeous) didn't like his new bride from the beginning.

Queen Fawzia and her sister-in-law

After the divorce Queen, who became a Princess again, married for the second time to some kinda doctor and had 2 children with him.  She is still alive and well and lives in Switzerland.
I think she was iconically, classically, queenly beautiful woman.  Don't you agree?

This woman is NOT a real Egyptian Queen, but she played one in the movies.


mymihaslittlefairy said...

Какая красивая и элегантная женщина!

Unknown said...

Beautiful women!

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A Very Sweet Blog said...

Amazing story! She was a beautiful woman. Thanks for bringing an awareness to her life and transformation.

SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

Clara Turbay said...

Great selection.

Allison said...

This is fascinating - all these photos are absolutely beautiful. The transformation is also incredible - amazing what wanting to impress your husband will do ;) Really though, she may be one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen! Definitely a beauty icon, and so timeless.


Salam! Cox sagolun bu post ucun! Mən tanımırdım...Cox maraqlıdır...

Abbie Beck - Cohen said...

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Loretta said...

cute post.

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Salam! Devecide menim bir tanishim ari saxlayirdi...Son shekiller orda cekilmishdi.

Style und Sein said...

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Jen said...

Wow, she looks so glamorous. Great post. I like your blog. <3


i.r. said...

Thank y'all for your positive feedbacks - isn't it amazing how much beauty is there in the world?
Y'all are very encouraging and I appreciate it tons!
To all the girls who invite me to follow their blogs - I'll try my bestest :)

Keep on bein' fabulous!

Ann said...

She looks so regal

and her beauty is the kind that looks timeless.

Interesting post,
love it ♥

L said...

she's so beautiful!
Nice post!


xoussef said...

Black and white photographies, the old ones, had a way of beautifying people...

Gem said...

Princess Fawzia is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. I believe women back then were naturally beautiful than women nowadays.

Unknown said...

well, she is not the daughter of the last king of Egypt, but She was his SISTER!

+ She is living in Alexandria of Egypt and not in Switzerland ...

You are confusing sister and daughter of King Farouq, both called Fawzia !

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