Monday, January 2, 2012

Singapore Series: Singapore Proper

Hi all!

First things first - Happy New Years!  Go watch "2012" and plan accordingly - you've been warned!

Secondly - apologies for my absence - holiday season is usually pretty hectic and i was sorta busy with life.

Anywho, here is the final installment of my Singapore series: I would love to come back to this wonderful country sometime and explore more.  If you have kids, by all means take them to Singers - my children took their first elephant rides there, saw some pretty exotic animals, fed giraffes and tried authentic, freshly prepared food. 

Evening View From Our Hotel Balcony

Merlion - symbol of Singapore.  If you ever wondered what will happened if Lion falls passionately in love with Mermaid and they have torrid affair - here's your answer.

Orchids in National Bird Park
Elephant Ride in Singapore Zoo

Beautiful View from the Zoo's Ferry

On this serene note we will say "Good Bye, Singers!", "Hello, Beirut!" because that's where i went for Christmas...


Mary said...

beautiful photos!!!

Happy New Year!

Mimi said...

wow, singapore is beautiful! thanks for sharing photos with us, singapore is now on my list of places to visit! :)

<3, Mimi


Cox gozel bir yer...

wieneragnes said...

Hey, your photos are awesome. :)
I really like your blog. :)

Amber said...

This must have been so much fun! Such great photos. I love the ones of the animals, and the orchids! Thanks for sharing these. Happy new year, dear!

Love & Cake,

Anonymous said...

I loved the pics with flowers and birds! Hope to travel there one day!

Anonymous said...

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Ma Rouge said...

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It's awesome. :)
Photos are great.
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