Monday, November 8, 2010

Dubai Brides

I wanted to write about weddings in Dubai, but then this place is such a multicultural hotspot, that it's hard to pinpoint commonalities.

According the the religious or cultural preferences, some weddings are gender segregated and some are fun-for-all type of parties.

I heard that Emirati weddings are quite epic affairs, with thousands (!) guests attending; Europeans, i imagine would go for the smaller gatherings, however lavish they might be. 

Indian weddings tend to be celebrated over a few days (at least for those who can afford it) and they are very different from the others in many aspects - from bridal wear to ceremonies.

But you know what?  Dubai loves it's brides. 

It caters to their every whim and desire; it creates perfect backdrop for their wedding pictures and at the end it presents their fathers with obscene bill.

There are several big bridal shows in the city throughout the year.  If you are a groom or a father of a bride in Dubai, then i don't envy you - these shows are devastating for your bank account.
Everything, form hand-made Swarowsky crystal adorned invites to 9 tiered cakes to deliciously crazy bridal dresses are there to turn any sensible girl into an insane Bridezilla.

Here is what was offered on one of such shows:

Pix via TheBrideShow Dubai


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