Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jad Ghandour - New York Fashion Week 2012

Ok, so whole bunch of Middle Eastern designers are represented in NYFW this February.  Most of them are of Lebanese origin, but there is one Irani born and also Jordanian-Canadian.

The one that caught my attention, however is gentleman named Jad Ghandour.
Mainly, because it looks like he forgot to put his pants on before taking a final bow during his Sept 2011 show.

Also, he has a weakness towards golden hot pants on men and I think these will sell very well in Dubai.
Because, as we all know, Dubai's Best Dressed set enjoys to wear short shorts with formal blazers.

Spring 2012

Spring 2012

His Fall 2012 designs are not bad either - I like the fact that he doesn't abuse sequence, crystals, volume, organza like most Lebanese designers.  His stuff is nicely tailored, most of the time:

Really like this cape

Also this one.  I like capes, ok?

What are these things on her boobs? Dress looks like she
was doing naughty things with Lord Voldemort.


xoussef said...

Hot pants on a gorgeous male model, I'm always for, but Nike running shorts? They don't look good even on professional athletes!

Allison @ Queen City said...

These gowns are amazing! Especially the black with the silver on top... that's my favorite. Great picks!

Andre Bascri said...

Luisa is so hot. Thanks !!!

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