Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rumor Has It...

Well, everyone is giving all their luvin' to Madonna's half-time show.  I didn't see it yet, but intend to do so right after i publish this post.

I have a confession to make - i love Madonna.

Yes, she's re-constructed her face, doesn't do fun songs anymore and has a weird British accent, that comes and goes for no apparent reason.  I stopped listening to her sometime around "Ray of Light", but i find her antics rather entertaining - hating on hydrangeas, being passive-aggressive to Lady Gaga, changing boy-toys at the whim, comparing Britney to "brick shit-house" and so on.  I mean, woman is 52, where does she get the energy and drive to be so venomous?

My first Madonna's LP (yes, you read it right) was "Like a Virgin", made in Bulgaria, out of all places and i still think this is her masterpiece album.

I love every single song on it; "Bed Time Stories" and "The Immaculate Collection" were pretty awsome too.  I remember vividly hearing "My Baby Has a Secret" for the first time in Mexico City, sitting in a rowing boat.  I don't recall exact circumstances that led me to that boat, but remember that feeling of "Wow, what is that song! Play it again!".

Sadly, i can't say that about any new songs of hers.

Anyway, rumor has it that Madonna is coming to Abu Dhabi on June 3, with tix going on sale Feb.27.  I'm a bit confused whether this is being billed as a leg of her world wide tour, or is she being paid $5 Mill for the performance.  Or both.

I, personally find this to be just a rumor - June here is hella hot and no one, especially high maintanance divas, comes here before winter.  Also, most people leave on vacations for the summer and the ones that stay most likely will not be able to afford $300 tickets.

But time will tell...

UPDATE:  It's official.  Madonna released tour itinerary and she's doing a show in Yas Arena, Abu Dhabi, June 3rd.  See y'all there!


Jemala said...

I heard this rumor too! I would love to go, but that is what I say now - I don't know how will I feel when the little one comes. Anyways, her half-time show was brilliant! Can't believe she is 52! She sang all the oldies + had few young and hip artists singing with her to appeal to the younger crowd. It was just spectacular! LOVE Madonna!

i.r. said...

I think Madonna is such an intricate part of growing up in the 80-ies. Hard to imagine pop-music, photography and fashion landscape without her.
I'm excited about her coming here!

RACHEL said...


Unknown said...

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Sujana said...

I don't have much of an opinion of Madonna but one thing I can't believe is her AGE! She looks decades younger than her age, it's shocking.

i.r. said...

You know, day before Whitney's death i saw some pix of her coming out of a party. She looked high as a kite, sweaty and generally out of it. But her skin was glowing and without a wrinkle, her legs looked shapely and fit - i thought to myself "Well, look at that, for a woman who spent last 15 years doing nothing but smoking that crack pipe, Whitney looks great! Whereas MDNA kills herself with daily workouts and surgeries and healthy food to look the way she does."
I guess i was wrong.

Katia said...

Madonna is amazing!

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