Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mischa Barton in Dubai

For such a glitzy, glamorous, fashion-forward and generally modern city, Dubai sure has a weird penchant for celebrating American wash-outs and has-beens on it's soil.

What gives?

First we had this (see Paris Hilton actually came here 3 times!She's also been arrested 3 times):

Then this one:

This one is my fav and in the league of her own.  Besides, financial crime is not really "crime" crime, right?

On May 8 another mug shot model visited our shores:

This time it was former American favorite train-wreck Mischa Barton.  To be perfectly honest though, Mischa looked scrubbed clean and very, very pretty.  Perhaps, things are going well for her?

Mischa was here to launch her new "boho" clothing line in one of the local stores in Dubai Mall.  Store is called Rivage and i haven't been to see what she has to offer.  If her "Mischa's Place" crap is any indication - then it's probably the same lazy and half-hearted attempt to sell striped leggings for $100.
I read interview with her in nymag.com and she says that she chose Dubai to premier her collection because:

''Women there like her stuff, apparently, and went out of their way to buy things from her accessories line, which she started in 2009. “It wasn’t even available in this market, but women really made a great effort to get the bags,” Barton told WWD.''

Really? I was here in 2009 and don't remember anything even remotely related.

Oh, Mischa...Aren't you the next Victoria Beckham!

Mischa is slouching in a dress she designed and sells

Would you buy it?

Pix from jawahra.me


AVY said...

Hah, poor famous people.



amy said...

Oh mug shots. Don't they make ya smile :)

sending you happy spells


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