Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Martha Does Dubai

 Yet another ex-convict visits Dubai. 

Martha Stewart visited the UAE last week.  She did all the prerequisite Dubai things - rode a camel, took a pic with falcon, went shopping for things in old Dubai, etc.

She is here because - hooray! - she's planning to start publishing her Martha Stewart Living mag in the region. 

I have to say that English-language magazines here are pretty dumb - there's a major lack of any sort of depth or intelligence to their articles.  Most of them consist of look-books of things to buy in the local stores and some month-old celebrity gossips.  In order to appear "hip" and "with it" these glossies consistently use such mind boggling words as "lippy", "sunnies", "puds" and other lobotomised version of proper grammar.

I get brain damaged every time after reading an issue of OK!/Viva/Hello!/Ahlan!
Also, what's up with all the exclamation signs in the name of the magazines?

So I say "Bravo!" to Martha for bringing excellent quality publication to this region.
"That's a good thing!"

P.S. Did you know that Martha used to be a model?  And even a face of Chanel for one season?

Riding an Abra on Dubai Creek

@ the Spice Souk

Signing Books @ Tavola MOE

@ the Center for Cultural Understanding in Dubai

Check out the hotties in the background

Haggling @ the Textile Souk


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