Saturday, March 10, 2012

From Russia with Love: Miroslava Duma

Few days back i received an email from local sushi restaurant, OKKU inviting to an evening with Miroslava Duma, former fashion editor to Harper's Bazaar Russia.

"Well, Who Dat?" i thought to myself.  See, i'm not very familiar with russian fashionistas, save Ulyana Sergeenko, Renata Litvinova and maybe a one or two more.

Apparently, Ms. Duma is young, petite, well connected and well dressed lady.

Russians, who still have quite a few "class issues" are often snicker at her accomplishments and style, saying that she is simply fortunate enough to be born into a right family - her father is a senator of sorts.

Well, lots of girls have rich and connected daddies, but not all of them manage to become fash editor of a prominent publication at the tender age of 25, get noticed for their individual style and make a name for themselves among artsy types.

Anyway, Miroslava Duma was in Dubai to star in a marketing campaign for a local store Symphony, Dubai Mall.
Check it out:

Dress by Alessandra Rich

Dress by Rachael Zoe. BANANAS!

Dress by Jason Wu

Dress by Luisa Beccaria

Not sure what is this, but whatever it is is by Naeem Khan

Shoes by Charlotte Olympia.  Awesome!

Pix from

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GFY on Aiisha Ramadan

GoFugYourself  is one of my absolute fave blogs out there (Dlisted being another).  I love it for it's brutal honesty, devil may care attitude towards big fashion names, shits-and-giggles writing style and self-depreciating sentiments of the writers.
Basically, it's all that The Bag Snob used to be, but sadly sold out for big bucks.

Anyway, i was looking through it recently and to my utter surprise came upon THAT DRESS!
Clearly, Aiisha Ramadan is bringing out big guns in States, dressing young starlets and all.

Torrey DeVitto wearing Aiisha Ramadan

This female is an actress-type in The Vampire Diaries (is vampire fad ever going away?) and she wore Aiisha Ramadan's dress to Elton John's Oscar Party.

GFY, being a carelessly honest, harshly opinionated and far removed from the PR types of Dubai had this to say about it :

"This, I don't mind. It's kind of 1960s Bride, but I can live with that. The back seems particularly bridal, but it's pretty. Good pop of color with the earrings, too."

So, congratulations Aiisha Ramadan!
Not exactly a glowing review, but it's a compliment, right?

Rocket Man in Abu Dhabi

Mind The Gap, Y'all
If for whatever reason you don't have a ticket to Madonna's concert - they say there's still a few of them left in the box offices - don't despair!

Madonna's arch-rival, her gap-toothed twin and a queen in his own right is coming to Yas Island on March 29th for a concert.  Tickets for Elton John Abu Dhabi engagement are on sale now.

Wonder if he is bringing his dancers with him?

So, if you had a choice - a mediocre singer, but legendary performer in the scorcher of the desert summer or a superior singer and  good performer in spring?

It's a conundrum, frankly.

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