Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Dress that Aiisha Made and Angelina Liked

So, what do Angelina Jolie, Eurovision and Aiisha Ramadan have in common?  Do you ever randomly wonder?

I bet you wonder now.

1.  At the last Golden Globes (yawwwn) Angelina Jolie sees young, impressionable girl and asks her if she's willing to experiment about the beautiful dress she's wearing;

2.  Pretty girl - named Mika Newton (REAL name Oksana Hrytsay) - is Ukranian entrant to Eurovision 2011.  Don't know what the heck Eurovision is - click here ;

3. The dress in question is made by none other than Dubai's own Aiisha Ramadan!  Aiisha's PR people were kind enough to share with me  pictures of the dress, which, by the way, made it to several Best Dressed Lists.

Mika Newton (aka Oksana Hrytsay)

Mika Newton and Adam Levine

Do you like the dress?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reiss Spring Summer 2012 - Preview

Recently I received an amazing opportunity to preview and share with y'all Reiss SS 2012 collection on my blog.  This collection is not available in the stores till February 1st, so I'm quite excited about being one of the first ones to see it!

Aren't y'all?

Reiss' press release states that SS2012 is inspired by clean lines of the 90-s minimalism and references Calvin Klein and Jean Paul Gaultier.

There are about 190 items in Womenswear SS 12 Main Line alone and they all are pretty!  However, since this is my blog, i selected things that i liked the most and divided them into 4 simple categories.

Check 'em out and let me know what did you like:


I really like this dress - lovely cobalt blue, busy, but pretty print
which contrasts nicely with simplicity of the lines.

This dress is perfect for our smoldering hot climate.


I'm madly in love with this look - it has 3 things that i like in an outfit: boat-neck,
A-line and cinched waist.

Very pin-up.  Sexy shoes - you'll see them later.

Wow! Beautifully cut top and the
print is so delicate. Love!


So, what say you?
Love? Hate? Meh?

Reiss and I would love to hear from you!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pakistani Bridal Show L'Oreal Paris 2011/2012

This post is inspired by and dedicated to a lovely Pakistani lady who i met at my kids' school.  Not only Wajiha is one of my most kind and enthusiastic supporters, she is also a  busy lady - she owns and runs a very popular play group in the city.  If you live in Dubai, have little kids and don't know what on earth to do with them babies on weekdays - check out Mirdiff Kids Club - you can thank me later!

Wajiha was kind enough to bring to my attention an interesting event - last December, Pakistan Fashion Design Council and L'Oreal Paris organized 4 day bridezilla extravaganza,which aims to showcase country's leading designers, jewelers, make up artist and hair dressers and develop bridal trends for the year ahead.

Each day different team of designers, hair and make up people send out some beautiful, exotic looking models down the runway in traditional Pakistani and contemporary western get up, dripping with some major bling

So, check out what people are wearing on wedding day in Pakistan:


This one will OUTBEAUTY any bride on any given  wedding! Fierce!

Cheer up, dude.  You can get a divorce later.

Anyway, who cares what men wear on weddings? That's right, no one.  Carry on:


I liked this one: Karma Collection by Maheen Kardar.  Look her up.

Also from Karma Collection

Is this skirt made out of foil? 

Love everything about this pic: styling, colors,
model and the way she's so demure-lookin.

And last but not least...

Family Picture!

Don't you feel like you just went to a Pakistani wedding?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Singapore Series: Singapore Proper

Hi all!

First things first - Happy New Years!  Go watch "2012" and plan accordingly - you've been warned!

Secondly - apologies for my absence - holiday season is usually pretty hectic and i was sorta busy with life.

Anywho, here is the final installment of my Singapore series: I would love to come back to this wonderful country sometime and explore more.  If you have kids, by all means take them to Singers - my children took their first elephant rides there, saw some pretty exotic animals, fed giraffes and tried authentic, freshly prepared food. 

Evening View From Our Hotel Balcony

Merlion - symbol of Singapore.  If you ever wondered what will happened if Lion falls passionately in love with Mermaid and they have torrid affair - here's your answer.

Orchids in National Bird Park
Elephant Ride in Singapore Zoo

Beautiful View from the Zoo's Ferry

On this serene note we will say "Good Bye, Singers!", "Hello, Beirut!" because that's where i went for Christmas...

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