Monday, March 29, 2010

Royal Rickshaw

If you are not tired of looking at bedazzled caftans that cost $800 and up - then feast your eyes on Royal Rickshaw offerings.

Royal Rickshaw is a brand founded by one Rajeev Nihalani .
It's based in Dubai and it's PR kit includes such mandatory in this part of the world words as "glitz", "Swarovsky", "glamour", "opulent".

Check it out if you care:

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Sheikha Mozah of Qatar

While relatively unknown to a western fashionista, Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missnet is quite an icon in the Middle East.

She is a second wife of a Qatari Emir, mother to his seven children and all around very public figure.

While his other two wives have never been seen in public, much less abroad, Sheikha Mozah appears in fashion mags and on TV all the time. She is very involved with various charities, both in Qatar and world-wide; one of her most visible positions is with UNESCO.

Grand, statuesque (she is tall!), glamorous, daring and debonair - but check her out for yourself.
Recently, she visited France on some official business and HuffPost did side by side comparison of her and Carla Bruni (outfits and all) and even run a poll.

I love how she is not afraid of fashion and manages to adapt french couture to her specifications - she has to be covered from head to toe, according to religious and cultural requirements.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magnolia Bakery in Dubai

Since Dubai can't have Sex and The City: The Movie 2 , it decided to console itself with some SATC cupcakes.

Magnolia Bakery opened back in Feb. in Dubai Mall (biggest mall in the universe)inside of Bloomingdales.
It is an exclusive territorial franchise, purchased for, i would imagine, unhealthy amount of money. Also, it's the only one outside of New York, not to mention the whole of United States!

Dubai Magnolia Bakery is owned and operated by local company, but has the same cupcake flavours as the original one: red velvet cake, banana pudding, icebox cake.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ayesha Depala

While doing some research on this designer, i read on one of the overly enthusiastic blogs that "if Ayesha Depala's clothes could sing, they would sing a romantic ballad."

You know what?

I agree! If her dresses could sing indeed, they would sing the heck out of Michael Bolton songs!

Ayesha Depala is somewhat the toast of the city as of recently.Additionally, anyone who has the guts to pose in Carrie Bradshaw dress from SATC:The Movie, even without giant camelia, gets my seal of approval.

Extremely accomplished for her age, Mrs. Depala is a graduate of St. Martin's School and London College of Fashion.
I believe she is of the indian origin, but is based both in India and Dubai.
To me, her dresses are fun and flirty, so kudos to her.
But don't expect much structure and sharp tailoring...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

HerHalo Millinery

Samantha Vause is the owner/designer of HerHalo Millinery. Australian by birth, she is now living and working in fabulous, glamorous, hat-loving Dubai.

She is a graduate of Saint Martins College of London and won truck-load of awards for them hats.

Take a look below.
Also, i think brunette model is the cutest thing i've seen in a while.

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Lately, anywhere i look, i see pix of local and visiting celebs promoting Meher&Riddhima brand.
Last month every glossy mag had something nice to say about this cute, but rather expensive clothing line.

Two designers behind this eponymous line are young Indian women, who now live and work in Dubai.

My personal opinion is that while there is not much to look at in terms of tailoring and cut (basically their dresses are nothing more than belted piece of fabric wrapped around one's body), i give them props for using pretty color combos and nice detailing.

Check it out:

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