Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ayesha Depala

While doing some research on this designer, i read on one of the overly enthusiastic blogs that "if Ayesha Depala's clothes could sing, they would sing a romantic ballad."

You know what?

I agree! If her dresses could sing indeed, they would sing the heck out of Michael Bolton songs!

Ayesha Depala is somewhat the toast of the city as of recently.Additionally, anyone who has the guts to pose in Carrie Bradshaw dress from SATC:The Movie, even without giant camelia, gets my seal of approval.

Extremely accomplished for her age, Mrs. Depala is a graduate of St. Martin's School and London College of Fashion.
I believe she is of the indian origin, but is based both in India and Dubai.
To me, her dresses are fun and flirty, so kudos to her.
But don't expect much structure and sharp tailoring...


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