Monday, April 12, 2010

"You ARE fun in Abu Dhabi!!!" But really is in Morroco...

Okay, i know, i know, i'm kinda obsessed with these four.

But, listen, the trailer is out, and it's FABULOUS!!!

However, I, as a former accountant, have a question - how did financials work out for the tourism/product placement for Abu Dhabi?

Because movie really only pretends to be filmed in Abu Dhabi, but in fact was filmed in Morocco.

Did Abu Dhabi paid to be featured and Morocco got paid to play a part?

Also, another thing - Abu Dhabi is def not a destination for Samantha-types. I just can imagine some naive American cougar from Hoboken finding herself thrown into Abu Dhabi jail, because she got an impression from this movie that Abu Dhabi is her kinda town.Like these two foolios did.

Dubai Fashion Week

You know, lately i've been wondering, why are local designers so afraid of scissors?

Are they worried that they might cut themselves?

Or, maybe, they are not sure if their clientele will fit into anything more structured than a caftan?

Is it the weather - and the designers are trying to keep things flowing and breezy?

I mean, look at the stuff they sell - it's mostly glorified tunicas, sometimes cinched at the waist, sometimes not even that.

There are some exception, of course. My favourite one is wonderful Amber Feroz.
His latest offering during Dubai Fashion Week (Apr.3 - Apr.&) is a bit blah for my taste, but at least he knows how to cut fabric.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dubai World Cup 2010 Hats

Dubai had it's annual World Cup horse race at the end of March.
Elton John sang.
Ladies wore hats.
Horse with fierce name Gloria De Campeo won gazillion dollars.
It all looked quite lovely. See for yourselves:

Pix: ITP Image via

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