Sunday, February 19, 2012

Azeri Male Model walks in NYFW Fall 2012

It might be an under-radar news for the much of fashion world, but it's pretty interesting for Azerbaijan.

I believe it's the first time that Azeri male model walks in one of the shows in New York Fashion Week.
Rustam Jabrailov (Рустам Джабраилов), who is an ethnic Azeri opened for Michael Bastian's show few days back.

I could  find just one picture of him, and i think he only opened and didn't walk after that.  Check him out, he looks dapper!

Michael Bastian and Rustam Jabrailov (background)

Here's the rest of Michael Bastian's looks.

Personally, i'm not a fan of a chalk stripe suit.  It reminds me of Big Boy Caprice and the gang from Dick Tracy:

But it's just me.

Jad Ghandour - New York Fashion Week 2012

Ok, so whole bunch of Middle Eastern designers are represented in NYFW this February.  Most of them are of Lebanese origin, but there is one Irani born and also Jordanian-Canadian.

The one that caught my attention, however is gentleman named Jad Ghandour.
Mainly, because it looks like he forgot to put his pants on before taking a final bow during his Sept 2011 show.

Also, he has a weakness towards golden hot pants on men and I think these will sell very well in Dubai.
Because, as we all know, Dubai's Best Dressed set enjoys to wear short shorts with formal blazers.

Spring 2012

Spring 2012

His Fall 2012 designs are not bad either - I like the fact that he doesn't abuse sequence, crystals, volume, organza like most Lebanese designers.  His stuff is nicely tailored, most of the time:

Really like this cape

Also this one.  I like capes, ok?

What are these things on her boobs? Dress looks like she
was doing naughty things with Lord Voldemort.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I Know, Right?

That awkward moment when Whitney Houston holds up an anti drugs sign..

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rumor Has It...

Well, everyone is giving all their luvin' to Madonna's half-time show.  I didn't see it yet, but intend to do so right after i publish this post.

I have a confession to make - i love Madonna.

Yes, she's re-constructed her face, doesn't do fun songs anymore and has a weird British accent, that comes and goes for no apparent reason.  I stopped listening to her sometime around "Ray of Light", but i find her antics rather entertaining - hating on hydrangeas, being passive-aggressive to Lady Gaga, changing boy-toys at the whim, comparing Britney to "brick shit-house" and so on.  I mean, woman is 52, where does she get the energy and drive to be so venomous?

My first Madonna's LP (yes, you read it right) was "Like a Virgin", made in Bulgaria, out of all places and i still think this is her masterpiece album.

I love every single song on it; "Bed Time Stories" and "The Immaculate Collection" were pretty awsome too.  I remember vividly hearing "My Baby Has a Secret" for the first time in Mexico City, sitting in a rowing boat.  I don't recall exact circumstances that led me to that boat, but remember that feeling of "Wow, what is that song! Play it again!".

Sadly, i can't say that about any new songs of hers.

Anyway, rumor has it that Madonna is coming to Abu Dhabi on June 3, with tix going on sale Feb.27.  I'm a bit confused whether this is being billed as a leg of her world wide tour, or is she being paid $5 Mill for the performance.  Or both.

I, personally find this to be just a rumor - June here is hella hot and no one, especially high maintanance divas, comes here before winter.  Also, most people leave on vacations for the summer and the ones that stay most likely will not be able to afford $300 tickets.

But time will tell...

UPDATE:  It's official.  Madonna released tour itinerary and she's doing a show in Yas Arena, Abu Dhabi, June 3rd.  See y'all there!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Asma Al Assad

Just a year ago all the major Western taste-makers were pissing themselves over Asma Al Assad.  American Vogue did a spread dedicated to her, where they called her "Rose of the Desert", "long-limbed beauty" and swooned over the fact that Assads' neighbors pop over to give them pointers on furniture placement.
Umm, ok...

Luckily, Anna Wintour or whoever came to their senses and pulled the article off the website in March 2011.  If you have nothing much to do or you would like to learn how to write vomit-inducing puff pieces on people of questionable beauty and character, then you can still read it here.

HuffPo, being a shameless glamour hag (that's a good thing in my book) didn't fall far behind and did a series of slides of British-born and educated Asma Al Assad's style. They also called her "natural beauty".

Do y'all really find her beautiful?  I find her thin.  And rich.
Wallis Simpson, who famously said that one can never be too thin or too rich, would approve.

To me she looks average and dresses - with a very few exceptions - like she's attending never-ending funerals.  All those black, grey, navy-blue, sometimes grayish-brown minimalistic outfits give me major case of yawwwwns.  Her partiality to chunky necklaces and odd sprinkling of electric blue (yay!) or sea-foam green (nay) hardly break dreadful monotony of her wardrobe.

Recently, however, HuffPo's been calling her "an autocrat's wife" and nothing much...
Last November BBC reported Syria's death toll topping 3500. Sadly, it keeps rising every week...

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