Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beena Soni

Beena Soni is a very well known jalabiya/galabiya designer in the region.
She was born in India, but moved to Dubai to be a make-up artist.

From there on, her story gets pretty interesting - while working as a make-up pro and earning a little over $150 a month, she also was giving some informal advice to her clients as to what to wear with their newly painted faces.
Word got spread, and she found herself styling more and more clients, until, finally, she was asked (or so she tells on her website to create a complete pret-a-porte for one of them.
Thus, Beena Soni The Designer was born.

Now she is an extremely successfull business person, who has opened 2 boutiqies in some of the most plush Dubai hotels.

Oh, and also her pieces "are popular with members of royalty"!
Ca-Ching! A penny goes into my piggy bank!

Anyway, enjoy her beautiful galabiyas (Arabic housedress) below.
They are hella expensive.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sheikha Maitha

I must declare, that Sheikh Mohammed must be a very proud poppa to such a gorgeous offspring!

Sheikha Maitha Bint Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is one of the younger (b. 1980) daughters of Sheikh Mo, and she is an absolute betty (if you don't know what "betty" is - then go watch "Clueless")!

Not only she is beautiful, tall (5.9 ft), has loads of moolah and blue blood, but she is also an accomplished Olympian.
Let me ask you how many of the world's hot royals can boast such a claim? Prince Harry? Princes Beatrice? Various Monaco Princesses?

Yeah, i didn't think so either.

Sheikha Maitha participated in 2008 Beijing Olympics in martial arts competition and also was a flag bearer for the Dubai Team.
I don't think she won anything though.

Anyway, she is seriously into karate and actually won 4 gold medals in Gulf championships.
Additionally, Sheikha Maitha is involved with "Dubai Cares" charity, which works for providing decent children's education for impoverished nations.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ramadan Pendants from Damas

Middle Eastern Jewelry powerhouse Damas just introduced a new pendant.
It's called Ramadan Pendant and is suppose to commemorate holy for muslims month of Ramadan, which this year falls on Aug through Sept.

It's made with gold and diamonds and all kinds of bling.

Damas also has another, less opulent, Ramadan pendant. This one is made with diamonds, gulf pearls and gold.

And some say Christmas is commercialised!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reem and Hindi Ali Beljafla

Ali Beljafla sisters are Emirati designers.
They are young and fabulous - one is owner of a design agency, another one is also some kind of a businesswoman.
Both of them attended design institution of sorts in London (don't know which).

They do rock-n-roll abayas, which remind me a bit of good old Gucci cuts from Tom Ford days.

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Kylie and Danni Minogue in Dubai

Kylie and Danni (or however she spells it) arrived in Dubai yesterday.
The younger one is a guest judge on X-Factor (American Idol-type show)and the older one is tagging along.

They are staying in Atlantis on Palm Jumeira. wrote and article about: the background will be Dubai: sun shining, azure waters glinting, skyscrapers towering, everybody smiling.
The subliminal message will be priceless to the city.

There will be no labour camps, no fraudsters, no building sites, no road works, just serene, warm, safe and sunny bliss.

The pic is from visit to Atlantis opening last year.
P.S. That dress is fugly.

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