Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beena Soni

Beena Soni is a very well known jalabiya/galabiya designer in the region.
She was born in India, but moved to Dubai to be a make-up artist.

From there on, her story gets pretty interesting - while working as a make-up pro and earning a little over $150 a month, she also was giving some informal advice to her clients as to what to wear with their newly painted faces.
Word got spread, and she found herself styling more and more clients, until, finally, she was asked (or so she tells on her website to create a complete pret-a-porte for one of them.
Thus, Beena Soni The Designer was born.

Now she is an extremely successfull business person, who has opened 2 boutiqies in some of the most plush Dubai hotels.

Oh, and also her pieces "are popular with members of royalty"!
Ca-Ching! A penny goes into my piggy bank!

Anyway, enjoy her beautiful galabiyas (Arabic housedress) below.
They are hella expensive.

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sumayyah al suwaidi said...

i just love beenas designs, simply beautiful :)
by the way i am the managing director of Grafika Boutique, do check out our website and let me know what you think

you have an amazing blog and i am a follower :)


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