Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bloomin' in Dubai

It only took them 2 years since the announcement by parent company, but Bloomingdale's has finally opened in Dubai. It's one and only Bloomy outside of the USA, and, personally, i think they choose the best location for their overpriced Juicy sweatpants.
Bagged for you with thanks in oversized brown lunch bags.

The store is humongous and most of the time completely empty. I read some comments in the local newspaper that the shoppers were shocked to find they had to pay close to $1000 USD for a pair of jeans that can be bought in US or online for about $200. But, hey, don't quote me on it - it's just hearsay :)

Just like many things in Dubai, Bloomy is more of a destination than functional spot. On the other hand, i wonder if it's not the case for their New York outpost.

Image above is a T-shirt design by Christopher Lee Sauve (yeah, i don't know either) for items to be sold in Bloomy Dubai


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