Friday, March 26, 2010

Sheikha Mozah of Qatar

While relatively unknown to a western fashionista, Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missnet is quite an icon in the Middle East.

She is a second wife of a Qatari Emir, mother to his seven children and all around very public figure.

While his other two wives have never been seen in public, much less abroad, Sheikha Mozah appears in fashion mags and on TV all the time. She is very involved with various charities, both in Qatar and world-wide; one of her most visible positions is with UNESCO.

Grand, statuesque (she is tall!), glamorous, daring and debonair - but check her out for yourself.
Recently, she visited France on some official business and HuffPost did side by side comparison of her and Carla Bruni (outfits and all) and even run a poll.

I love how she is not afraid of fashion and manages to adapt french couture to her specifications - she has to be covered from head to toe, according to religious and cultural requirements.


Anonymous said...

I like her - does she have any daughters??

Anonymous said...

she has 2 daughters, one just got married

i.r. said...

Recently found out that Mozah in Arabic means "Banana"!

Anonymous said...

Mozah is a common name for girls in the gulf region of the middle east specifically. It is one of the many synonyms for "Pearl" which the gulf region was famous for cultivating in pre-oil discovery times. And this is what the name "Mozah" refers to: the beauty and shimmer of the gulf pearl. It is true that there is a similarity in pronunciation to "Banana" however that is where the similarity ends as the matter is much complicated than that. The Banana fruit (plural) is referred to as Moaz or Moz in Arabic. The singular in arabic is feminized by adding the "AH" to it. Hence, Moazah/Mozah = 1 banana.

Just thought

i.r. said...

Thanks! That makes so much more sense than "banana".

Anonymous said...

she just unique ,smart ,beautyfull, everything .

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered Sheikha Mozah and I love her. Not just her style but to my Western eyes I think its the way she carries herself.

Anonymous said...

wow her husband looks like an arab version of shrek. what an oger. she however is exquisiite.

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