Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pakistani Bridal Show L'Oreal Paris 2011/2012

This post is inspired by and dedicated to a lovely Pakistani lady who i met at my kids' school.  Not only Wajiha is one of my most kind and enthusiastic supporters, she is also a  busy lady - she owns and runs a very popular play group in the city.  If you live in Dubai, have little kids and don't know what on earth to do with them babies on weekdays - check out Mirdiff Kids Club - you can thank me later!

Wajiha was kind enough to bring to my attention an interesting event - last December, Pakistan Fashion Design Council and L'Oreal Paris organized 4 day bridezilla extravaganza,which aims to showcase country's leading designers, jewelers, make up artist and hair dressers and develop bridal trends for the year ahead.

Each day different team of designers, hair and make up people send out some beautiful, exotic looking models down the runway in traditional Pakistani and contemporary western get up, dripping with some major bling

So, check out what people are wearing on wedding day in Pakistan:


This one will OUTBEAUTY any bride on any given  wedding! Fierce!

Cheer up, dude.  You can get a divorce later.

Anyway, who cares what men wear on weddings? That's right, no one.  Carry on:


I liked this one: Karma Collection by Maheen Kardar.  Look her up.

Also from Karma Collection

Is this skirt made out of foil? 

Love everything about this pic: styling, colors,
model and the way she's so demure-lookin.

And last but not least...

Family Picture!

Don't you feel like you just went to a Pakistani wedding?


brown.jack76 said...

Amazing, you're showing good blogging skills.
Can you please post something about bridal purses , that would be very honorable from you.

Aydani said...

love it all!!!!!

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