Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Dress that Aiisha Made and Angelina Liked

So, what do Angelina Jolie, Eurovision and Aiisha Ramadan have in common?  Do you ever randomly wonder?

I bet you wonder now.

1.  At the last Golden Globes (yawwwn) Angelina Jolie sees young, impressionable girl and asks her if she's willing to experiment about the beautiful dress she's wearing;

2.  Pretty girl - named Mika Newton (REAL name Oksana Hrytsay) - is Ukranian entrant to Eurovision 2011.  Don't know what the heck Eurovision is - click here ;

3. The dress in question is made by none other than Dubai's own Aiisha Ramadan!  Aiisha's PR people were kind enough to share with me  pictures of the dress, which, by the way, made it to several Best Dressed Lists.

Mika Newton (aka Oksana Hrytsay)

Mika Newton and Adam Levine

Do you like the dress?


Anonymous said...

I like it a lot! It's beautiful, simple but different.

Alice and Gabriella said...

Great pictures!!
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Anonymous said...

oh yes! I like the dress a lot, is so sexy and beautiful.


Claire Alexandra said...

love the dress this girl is stunning! Your blog is amazing by the way!


Anonymous said...

I like it.

Aydani said...

It's beautiful

Sophia said...

I love the dress! lace is always beautiful!

i.r. said...

If you go to you'll see many different reincarnations of this dress - sweetheart neckline, short skirt, black lace. Also, different girls wearing it - mostly models and arabic celebrities.

Me's Bubble said...

i loved it from the first time i saw it in aiisha's workshop..i'm expecting a bigger success to this collection it is just exquisite

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