Friday, October 15, 2010

Aiisha Ramadan II

OK, people, something really cool happened to me couple of days back.

I've been sitting around, killing time on the net, when i stumbled upon Aiisha Ramadan's blog.

She wrote about her summer vacay in South France, and i left a comment on that post. See, i'm quite a francophile - sometimes i suspect i was a french pastry in my past life, perhaps a brioche or a petit four - anywho, i felt compelled to leave a comment on the subject near and dear to me. 

Aiisha Ramadan actually replied! She send me a very nice email and answered a couple of questions!

In case you don't comprehend the magnitude of this particular event - Aiisha Ramadan is a sort of Stella McCartney around this parts of the world.

She is Dubai's darling, talented and very much in demand - when Manolo Blahnik came to Dubai to personally open his boutique she was one of two designers to collaborate with him. 
 Yeah, she's famous!

Another thing about Mrs. Ramadan is that she is an avid blogger - her posts are engaging, photos are interesting and she is very gracious to all who help her at the shoots/shows/events, from the caterers to stylists.

So, Aiisha, if you are reading this post - invite me to your next show, pourquoi ne pas vous? (that was GoogleTranslat-ed, i'm hoping it's what i originally meant in english). I'll be your Tavi and you'll be my Anna Wintour :)

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litamalicdem said...

Aiisha won't mind if I post the first comment. This is beautiful and I can't wait to tell you. Thanks for sharing these interesting photos.

i.r. said...

I know, right? She's a great designer and i wish her all the best in life and business! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Me's Bubble said...

OOOOH yeees she is the sweetest ever....
I'm actually going to write a special article about my internship at her studio very soon.....wait for it !!
i wish her all the best !! love you Aiisha!!

miss eyda said...

woah really nice :) im impressed .. im going to make a link to this post ... its a really good one ;)

i.r. said...

miss eyda, would you pls. forward me a link on your blog, which is, by the way, FAB!

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