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Dedicated to inquisitive mind, beautiful soul and killer body of my wonderful friend, Ulja M.

Those of you who follow this blog know that i write quite a bit about abayas and abaya designers.  Abaya fascinates me because firstly - it's such a foreign concept to me, secondly - it hides cumulative effect of donuts on your hips and thirdly  - it looks good on local girls.  So i write about abayas.  A lot.

But you know what?

Local men also have their own traditional dress.   It's called KANDURA [K-A-N-D-OO-R-A] in UAE, but it has many different names in other Arabic countries.  I personally prefer word DISHDASHA - it's just such a happy word and makes me wanna booggie.  But since i'm in Dubai now, i'll call it kandura too.

So, anywho, here is some famous and good looking Emiratis wearing kandura:

Sheikh Hamdan

Sheikh Mohammed (left)

Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Hamdan

Sheikh Hamdan

Mohammed Al Habtoor
Kanduras are mostly white - usefull for after you've burned a whole in the ozon layer. However, there are few more colors allowed as well - for instance His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid wears beautiful blue ones a lot:

But mainly kanduras are white and i've never-ever-ever seen a man with a dirty spot on his kandura.  Perhaps they change during the day - men in kanduras always look impeccable.

But it's not just kandura - there are whole bunch of head wear and accessories that men wear every day.  The most interesting, i imagine, is the one you never see (unless you're married to an Emirati) - called WOOZAR [W-OO-Z-A-R]. 
Woozar is a piece of white cloth that is wrapped and tied around one's hips. It's worn under the kandura.

If you are interested in finding out more about kanduras, woozars, abayas, etc. visit this usefull website and ask Ali.

Ma'a salama!


Anonymous said...

The most interesting, i imagine, is the one you never see (unless you're married to an Emirati) - called WOOZAR [W-OO-Z-A-R]. 

LOL! So true!

i.r. said...

Alice, I understand you are married to one? :)

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