Monday, October 18, 2010

Amal Murad

Amal Murad is a local Abaya Designer who shows at the Dubai Fashion Weeks. Attended some mythical "high-end fashion seminars" - seriously, that's what her website states.

"High-end fashion seminars"!

I've nevah heard o'such thang!

Young, but already has her own line and lable named REDAA.
Among her inspirations credits Chanel, Christian Dior and Uncle Karl's deseased nemesis, YSL.
I say - good luck to her.

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Soul said...

Perpect.......saya suka yang ini, sangat indah.....

giganza said...

oh my god its beautifull,,,,

i.r. said...

Glad y'all liked it!

Anonymous said...

Great fashion!

Anonymous said...

When "High-end" is used to explain or label an event, this usually means it is appealing to sophisticated and discerning critics or customers. Those with good judgement, a keen eye, perhaps money, and more.

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