Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Queen Rania of Jordan

Recently Queen Rania underwent some medical procedures to correct her heart condition and i decided to do a little post to cheer her up.

So, Queen Rania, if you are reading my blog - this post is for you.

If you google "Queen Rania" you'll get about 614,000 results - she is an icon. People love her, people want to know more about her and many of them inspire to be like her.

She is an immense presence not only in the Middle East, but world wide. Her humanitarian efforts are well documented, her humility is admired and her wonderful sense of humor is applauded - she famously spoofed David Letteman's Top 10 in a funny acceptance speech on her YouTube Channel.

Did you know she has a YouTube Channel? Now you know.

But let's be honest - this blog is no HuffPo, so i'll concentrate on her impeccable fashion sense.

By the way, if you google "Queen Rania Fashion" you'll get 109, 000 results.


Anonymous said...

shhee iss beaauutiiifuull!!!

Anonymous said...

she comes from heaven, trully beautiful

Anonymous said...

She sure is beautiful, but let's not take inspiration from her as Muslims. May Allah(SWT) guide us all towards the right path!

i.r. said...

Anonymous, why shouldn't Muslims take inspiration from her? Can you pls explain, I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

Well i.r she may give to charity and work. But as a role model she does not gide Muslim women to the write path because she does not wear a scarf on her head or cover her body. Muslim women must do that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think wearing the scarf/burqa makes a woman any more or less a "proper muslim". Be for real, it's 2013.

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