Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jasbir Jamani

Jasbir Jamani was born in Mumbai, India, grew up in Dubai.

She graduated in fashion from local American University (oxymoron, i know, but it's a chain of middle eastern commercial universities that teach american curriculum) and launched eponymous brand in 2006 in marvelous megalopolis of Dubai.

OK, now i have a bone to pick with fashion photographers.

Ever since Marc Jacobs did his ad campaign few years back in muted colors, Prada followed suit with it's ads for eyewear and know everybody is doing it.

For the record - i don't like it.

Looks like Jasbir Jamani likes it though, because here is her ads for 2010 collection and it looks PALE!

Check it out - our fav is the white dress.

Pix are from wwww.jazbir.com


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