Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rocket Man in Abu Dhabi

Mind The Gap, Y'all
If for whatever reason you don't have a ticket to Madonna's concert - they say there's still a few of them left in the box offices - don't despair!

Madonna's arch-rival, her gap-toothed twin and a queen in his own right is coming to Yas Island on March 29th for a concert.  Tickets for Elton John Abu Dhabi engagement are on sale now.

Wonder if he is bringing his dancers with him?

So, if you had a choice - a mediocre singer, but legendary performer in the scorcher of the desert summer or a superior singer and  good performer in spring?

It's a conundrum, frankly.

Happier Times


xoussef said...

There were no dancers for his Moroccan show, unfortunately.

i.r. said...

Oh, did you like his show?
I actually did get tickets & looking 4ward to see him.

xoussef said...

A review will be in order then?!
I'm not a fan, but thought it an excellent show nonetheless. I wouldn't have minded the dancers though :) If you get them I'll feel a bit cheated :D

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