Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GFY on Aiisha Ramadan

GoFugYourself  is one of my absolute fave blogs out there (Dlisted being another).  I love it for it's brutal honesty, devil may care attitude towards big fashion names, shits-and-giggles writing style and self-depreciating sentiments of the writers.
Basically, it's all that The Bag Snob used to be, but sadly sold out for big bucks.

Anyway, i was looking through it recently and to my utter surprise came upon THAT DRESS!
Clearly, Aiisha Ramadan is bringing out big guns in States, dressing young starlets and all.

Torrey DeVitto wearing Aiisha Ramadan

This female is an actress-type in The Vampire Diaries (is vampire fad ever going away?) and she wore Aiisha Ramadan's dress to Elton John's Oscar Party.

GFY, being a carelessly honest, harshly opinionated and far removed from the PR types of Dubai had this to say about it :

"This, I don't mind. It's kind of 1960s Bride, but I can live with that. The back seems particularly bridal, but it's pretty. Good pop of color with the earrings, too."

So, congratulations Aiisha Ramadan!
Not exactly a glowing review, but it's a compliment, right?


Miryem El said...

i love this dress!! i actually love all the collection!!
BTW i'm waiting for an article about the 2012 Dubai best dressed !! r u going to do one??

check my blog giveaway if you like shoes !

i.r. said...

Hi Miryem!
Dubai's best dressed, you say? Isn't it the same bunch of ppl year in and year out?

I'll eat my IPad if it doesn't include Tala Samman & her mother, Mo Habtoor and couple of hi profile bloggers w/big PR budgets:)

Good luck w/give away! I checked out the shoes and they are certainly eye-catching!

dar said...

Beautiful dress!

Dubai Fashionista said...

Love Aiisha's collection, simple, soft and elegant.

i.r. you're so funny, same people we see on Mondanite magazine LOL ;p

I agree with Miryem, would love to read an article about harper's bazaar best dressed, and read comments about this. I mean it's so easy to be best dressed when we can buy YSL, Chanel and Loubies, but for me a real best dressed is the one who rock high street fashion!!!

btw great blog keep up the good work ;)

i.r. said...

Hi Dubai Fashionista!
Thanks 4 stopping by:)

And, girls, don't 4get that it's even easier to be Dubai's Best Dress when not only you can afford to buy Chanel/YSL/Loubs, but when you also own those brands distribution rights in the region.

Now, burn me at the stakes:))

xoussef said...

They're right though. It's difficult not to see bridal in white lace and the silhouette does give that vibe. So maybe it's a case of the wrong dress for the wrong occasion? I have no problem picturing a lovely sophisticated and elegant bride getting married in that dress.

i.r. said...

@xoussef - Absolutely! That would make a very pretty wedding dress, indeed. Also, I think the girl above should have tailored it a bit, especially in the back - it's hanging helter skelter.

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