Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spanish Edition: Al Hambra - Paradise Lost

A few centuries ago, majority of people in southern Spain were not called Xose, Paco or Lupe. They were called Abdullah, Mohammed or Fatima.
The thing is, some parts of southern Spain were ruled by Arabs from Middle East and Berbers from what now is Morroco & Tunis.

They were sophisticated, cultured people, who introduced many great things to Spain, Moorish architecture included. One of the crown jewels of Emirate of Al Andalus (see, they were Emarati too :)) was gorgeous complex of Al Hambra in charming city of Granada.

Al Hambra includes Emir's main palace, teeny-tiny summer palace, grounds, beautiful Generalife gardens and a fortress.

Eventually Arabs were driven out of Spain by Catholic kings. There's a story that gooes something like that: the last Emir of al Andalus was in tears when he and his people were living Al Hambra. His mother, seeing him in such a state, turned and said "That's right, cry like a girl for something that you could not defend like a man".

Her name was Fatima and, apparently she was one helluva woman.

Al Hambra from San Nicolas Mirador

Cipress Alley leading to the grounds

Generalife Garden

One of many charming courtyards

If these walls could talk...Walls of Al Hambra


Allison said...

These pictures are absolutely stunning. I have such a love for architecture, and the Moorish design is so apparent in these pictures! Those courtyards take my breath away - what I would do to sit out and be inspired near one of those!

Your blog is lovely and you are absolutely beautiful. Also, your comparison of my writing to Curtis Sittenfield seriously was the best thing I have ever heard - the highest of compliments and I appreciate it so very much! xo

Alexandria said...

i must say i love your blog, coz it's not just a fashion blog but also show me around the world. thanks for sharing :)

and thanks so much for your warm welcoming on IFB:)

I am following you now. Hope you will do the same if you like mine :)

alluring_mum said...
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Melis said...

beautiful! i'm very much into gardens right now. i went to a bbq at my friend's and her backyard was so lush! i'm going to post a blog about it soon! :)

Danielle said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for following me, I'm really grateful!

I think you've got a brilliant blog here and I'm certainly following you back.


i.r. said...

Thanks y'all for the kind comments - but, really, it's nothing to do with me! It's beautiful Espania, my husband's photo skills and those crafty Moors:)

Amin said...

Salam! Cox shad oldum! Bele gozel melumat ucun cox sag olun!
Thank You very much for so beautiful post!
I follow Your blog!

Ninja said...

this was well written and interesting and the pictures were lovely (and made me want to go back on!).

Great blog :D

xxx Irinja (

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