Monday, June 22, 2009

"Follow Me" Feature Added

I'm all excited to announce that i've just added couple of super-duper features on the blog!

"Follow Me" feature is for you guys to follow the contents of the blog and it's on the upper side of the left-hand bar.
See it right under the red tip of the smoking hot girl's shoe? See??
Now click on it and you'll be automatically updated every time i post new stuff.

"Reactions" feature is uber neat! Not everyone posseses time or desire to leave a comment on the blogs, but EVERYONE! EVERYONE! loves to judge the content and tell the blogger what's what and that his/hers blog ain't all that, sistah!

So now you can just click away on the "Reactions" button and tell me like it is with just one click! It's situated right under the post and before the "Comments" section.



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