Saturday, June 20, 2009

Zahra Karmostaji

I've only arrived in Dubai 3 weeks ago, and by no means i'm qualified to speak on the subject of Dubai fashion scene.

But, honestly, lack of qualification never stopped me from expressing my opinions on most of the subjects that near and dear to my heart, so consider yourselves warned :)

Dubai is definitely one of the most fashion conscious places i've lived in. Not only people in the city, both locals and westerners, are well aware of the way they and everyone around them dress, but they also are hyper brand-conscious.
Not everyone, obviously, but the majority.

Status-y bags are a must, which is understandable. A girl in abaya and shayla (a headscarf) has only a bag, shoes and perfume in her show-off ammunition.

Dubai is not only madly in love with european big brands, but also is a home to some local designers. One of them is that fierce lady, who designed Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell/I Dream of Jeanny dress. Another one, who i just discovered, is a local young designer named Zahra Karmostaji.

Ms. Karmostaji creates mostly abayas and shaylas. The photo set above is portfolio of her designs.
I personally think her pieces are lovely (especially, since she didn't receive any formal training, or whatever it's called in fashion world) and i would not mind having the fuchsia one for myself.

I like the color, the fluidity of the dress and i'm a big time fan of the balloon sleeves. I could do with a little less embellishments though.
But it's just me.


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