Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paris Hilton in Dubai

Paris Hilton has arrived in Dubai.
Big whoop, apparently. I guess "That's Hot"?

Surprisingly, P.H. was very polite and considerate during the press-conference yesterday. She even helped one happless reporter with his mic.

Anyway, the reason she is here, is because local entertainment industry offered her obscene amount of money to come and look for her BFF in Dubai.
Prior to coming here, she apparently asked her handler if she will have to wear an abaya, which is a local women's dress.

I thinks that was rather nice of her.

So, here is some pics of her after the press-conf. She kinda looks like she is auditioning for the remake of "I Dream of Jeannie", but it's OK.
Most importantly, check out that hot designer lady (the one in pink and black), who created P.H. dress. She is a local and her name is Sarah Belhasa.
Isn't she gorgeous?


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