Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Face of Dubai

Let me ask you this - who is the first person that comes to your mind when you think of Dubai?
Is it, by any chance some obscure female London-based TV announcer named Myleene Klass?


Well she should, because last year, by some weird, incomprehensible twist of PR fate, Myleene Klass became The Face of Dubai.

Needless to say, Ms. Klass firmly falls into "Who Dat???" category. Not only me, but I imagine healthy percentage of Dubai dwellers never heard of her and, probably don't really care if they ever will.

Few who did, however were rather bewildered at the choice to have her represent Dubai at large. Here's why:

A. She doesn't come from Dubai and she doesn't live here

B. She has a child out of wedlock, which in Dubai will earn you "Do Not Collect Money. Go Straight to Jail" card. For 3 years, I believe, but do correct me if I'm wrong.

C. Prior to her contract, she's only been in Dubai once on a holiday - she is not familiar with culture, heritage or traditions of the Emirates.

D. The last, but for many of us shallow people, not least - she's nothing much to look at! Yes, she's cute in a clean, wholesome girl-next-door way, but Dubai is not your typical bland bowl of porridge. Dubai is more of fiery hot, high-end fusion cuisine and this girl doesn't represent at all.

But, hey, there is a lesson to learn here for any aspiring model/wannabe/D list celebrity - and the lesson is - get Myleene Klass' agent's phone number. Because, apparently, this agent is a miracle worker!

P.S. Is it me or is she allergic to wearing dresses, shirts and pants?


Good girl said...

я все больше фигею с них. выбрали хер знает кого, страшненькую, кривенькую никакого отношения к дубаю не имеет. если уж и выбираь абы кого то красивую и такую чтобы АХ. или пусть лошадь, но с эмиратского ипподрома))))

я про эклеры прочитала и вспомнила знаешь что? эту френч бейкери... какие там пирожки! первый раз я не могла и половины скушать меня тошнило от сладкого и вкуснейшего шоколада!

Angela said...

Полностью в восточном стиле...
Анжела Донава

i.r. said...

@Good girl - я не одна с тобой согласна! У многих этот выбор вызывает недоумение...

@Анжела - Вы так считаете? Почему?

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