Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mehriban Aliyeva, The First Lady of Azerbaijan

Last night Azerbaijani singers won Eurovision 2011 contest.

To those of you who after reading this sentence said to themselves: "Who?" and "What?" - i'm here to educate you.

Eurovision is cheesy, but fun singing competiotion where the winner is determined by how many people vote for him/her via text messages, kinda like American Idol.  Each european and not-so-european country has 1 entry.

Eurovision's audience is estimated around 125 million viewers annually.

Yesterday duo from Azerbaijan won it for the first time in EVER! According to the rules of the competition, it means that next year's Eurovision Song Competition will be held in Baku, capital city of Azerbaijan.

I'm from Baku.

So is Mehriban Aliyeva, First Lady of Azerbaijan, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, President of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, Queen Rania's rumored friend and subject of last year's WikiLeaks cable. 

And also uber-stylish and fashion forward grandmother to a pair of twins.   HuffPo likes her wardrobe so much, they did 2 big articles on it.

Check her out:


Unknown said...

Wow she has such a nice collection of shoes :)Very pretty first lady

i.r. said...

Isn't it hard to believe that she has 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren!

Mai said...

Wow she's gorgeous.. love her style

Miryem El said...

wow ! now that's a great collection!!
impressive !!

don't forget to enter my giveaway!!

elvinaagayeva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

she's lovely

Aliyah /Assaf said...

While I agree that Mehriban has a beautiful wardrobe and is gorgeous (after countless plastic surgeries), I question her motives when it comes to her activities. It is wonderful that she donates her time and considerable finances to charitable causes and that she helped to bring notariety to Azerbaijan with the winning of Eurovision; what concerns me is what lies behind all of this philanthropy. I think she is hiding her desire to be known world wide for other reasons. I think she makes decisions, like teaming up with the corrupt Samir Sharifov, minister of finance, based on how much press and kickbacks she will get.

i.r. said...

Aliyah, thanks for stoping by and for your intelligent commentary!
Re. MA's motives - well, she is a bona fide politician, she represents one of the districts in the capital, so, not surprisingly, everything that she does is politically motivated.
Additionally, she is not a transparent politician and I'm being polite here, so her political motivation most often is not for the good of general public.
But, since this is just a fashion type blog, let's just agree regarding her amazing wardrobe :)

Joshua Unlys said...

the Azerbaijan first lady mehriban aliyeva and Azerbaijan finance minister samir sharifov are criminals. As a Member of Parliament, Aliyeva is incompetent. Aliyeva and Sharifov are having an affair. Aliyeva and Sharifov are stealing money from the state oil fund.

According to Mehriban Aliyeva's Wikipedia page, WikiLeaks documents show that Mehriban does not attend Parliament’s sessions. "Embassy monitors, who have attended nearly every session over the past year, have never seen her present in Parliament."

Unknown said...

Money of corruption,bribery. Bullshit.

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