Sunday, May 22, 2011

Paris Hilton in Dubai III

Ugh, I can't believe I'm writing about her for the 3rd time.

Paris Hilton was paid to come all the way to Dubai to pose in front of the sushi restaurant, have a dinner with her boyfriend and some hanger-ons and then retire to the penthouse upstairs for some heavy partying.

I happened to have a dinner at the same place the night after and the waitress told me that the night Wonky was in, tables had a minimum spending limit, she ate her meal on the second floor and that her entourage were drinking heavily all night. Paris' boyfriend left somewhere at some point, then came back.

I wonder where did he go in a strange city...

Anyway, here are some pix of her. She really needs to do something about that lazy right eye.

Oh, and by the way, drinking without special permit and cohabitating while not married are both jailable offences around here.

That eye!

Dude in the blue shirt is the restaruant owner, one Marcus Thesleff

Red Bull! That's Hot...

In front of Dubai Mall Aquarium

Personal pod in Emirates Airways First Class Cabin


Good girl said...

подруки конечно страшненьке пипец))) знаешь, я так хотела посмотреть хоть 1 серию чтобы глянуть на ЭТО, но не нашла. а она в свои почти 30 представляет печальное зрелище. ее подружка николь риччи давно исправилась ииз кокаинистки и гуляки, когда она отжигала круче пэрис, стала мамой и эталоном стиля, ну, раньше. и похудела сильно. толстой ей не шло, но и скелетиком ей не идет быть, но сам факт что одна круто изменилась, а вторая как торговала лицом так и торгует, да вот приелось ее лицо уже.

Mai said...

Hey i just read your comment in my blog about your oily eye lids.. Have you tried using an eye primer?

i.r. said...

@Good Girl - I don't understand her appeal either. She is and kinda always was a joke back in US, but for some reason she's popular here and, I think in Russia? I don't get it.
@Delyteful - which one should I try. Mind you, I don't wanna break a bank:)

Mai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mai said...

Benefit has some good Creasless Shadows that work as eye primers.. Mac also has some paint pots that help your eye shadow stay on longer.. Too Faced has Shadow Insurance.. And now that they have launched Urban Decay here in Dubai (at MOE & DM Sephoras only), you can check out their Primer Potion..

But just a lil adivce.. Do your research on these prodcuts before you go check them out coz the sales people can talk you into getting something that might not work for you..

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Her hair's one bad shade of yellow. x hivenn

i.r. said...

@Jazzy - i believe these are extensions. i saw her couple of years ago and her "hair" colour and texture looked 10 times worse in real life.

That's a shame, i remember that short hair cut suited her fabulously.

Anonymous said...

The guy on the far right is Markus Thesleff (white), not the guy in the blue shirt second in.

i.r. said...

Ok, I stand corrected :)

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