Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Janet Jackson Is To Become a Qatari Wifey

Janet is 46 and kicking ass!

She's about to marry a super rich Qatari businessman, Wissam Al Mana, who owns whole bunch of luxury brands, Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai is among them.

I've noticed that Janet has been dressing very conservatively lately - long sleeves, no cleavage, covered up to her neck. But no matter what she wears and no matter how old she is, she always looks so spunky, young and adorable.

Wedding is scheduled for 2013 and will cost an estimate of $24 Mill.

I hope they put this iconic image of the bride on their wedding invitations:

Future groom is about 10 years older than his blushing bride.  You rob that cradle, girl!

Looks like Janet is straight-up wearing abaya 

Janet photographed in Abu Dhabi 4 Harper Bazaar Arabia

Remember the 80's and 90's Janet?  She was so stinking cute in Poetic Justice with 2Pac.

My first name ain't baby, it's JanetMrs. Al Mana if you're nasty


Anonymous said...

Cool! I hope they'll never ever have a divorce...

It seems to me that it's much harder for the rich and famous to stay in one relationship for a lifetime than for ordinary people. So many "perfect" families broke up: Johnny Depp/Vanessa Paradis, or Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony. Makes me feel like divorces are a norm, while monogamous couples - something unnatural. Sometimes I wonder, why were we created this way: polygamous (men and women attracted to, able to love many different people during their life) , but at the same time we need a family for support, protection (as we age), unconditional love, acceptance, intimacy, to nurture children in the best environment...

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