Friday, August 19, 2011

Spanish Edition: Corrida

With these 2 posts i'm concluding my Spanish series.

I'm back in Dubai and it looks like there's plenty going on in the city, even though it's Ramadan.
But let's go back to Spain:

Corrida - well, it was a first ever corrida for me and i have mixed feelings about it.  It's part of spanish culture but if you love animals, you should definetely skip it.

I don't think i will ever go see corrida again, it was a strange experience for me.
On a bright side, torreros wore fabulous costumes, public was really into it and the weather was beautiful.

I learned couple of things there:  if the public like the torrero (he's brave and swift) they start waving white handkerchieves in the air and the torrero gets awarded bull's ear or a tail.
If torrero is not good enough (scared and clumsy) public will start clapping rythmically and cat-call.

It takes 6-8 people to kill 1 bull.


mymihaslittlefairy said...

Wow! Hope, everyone is ok (both the bull and torrero

i.r. said...

Well, no, bull is not OK. Bull gets killed at the end.
Torrero, sometimes gets trampled by the bull. As a matter of fact , 2 of them did while we watched. But they jumped right back, much to the public's delight.

mymihaslittlefairy said...

Poor bull :(( cruel show ...

i.r. said...

К сожалению, да.

Allison said...

I try to think of things like this as a cultural experience, but as a vegetarian/animal lover, I don't know if I would have the stomach to watch. I do like the costumes though - I'm impressed with any man who can rock some serious bling! ;) Great post, as always - love living vicariously through your pictures!

Amin said...

Hello! I can not say this is culture...The human must not kill animals as they do...

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