Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From Russia with Love: Lyubov Orlova

Back the 1930th, when Soviet Union was just a young country, isolated from the outside world by the "iron curtain", and whose citizens had very few necessities and none of the luxuries, the STAR was born.

Well, the star in question was born back at the beginning of the century, but she became an idol and reigning queen of Soviet cinema sometime in 1930-ies.

Here's another amazing transformation of a pretty, young, theatrically inclined girl named Lubov Orlova. She was a bit player in some minor theater productions and this is how she looked before she met her husband, famous Russian movie director.

Director fell in love with our young actress, promptly divorced his wife, married Ms. Orlova and began an interesting process of making a mega star out of her.

Clearly, she was molded as a Russian Greta Garbo - Lubov Orlova became blond, lost weight, her teeth were yanked out and a new set of perfect pearly whites were installed - dental feat unheard of in Soviet Russia.

Career-wise Ms.Orlova was a sort of Jennifer Aniston- her specialty was rom-coms and her only director was her husband. She had immense screen presence and charisma and I personally remember her very well in one of my fave old Russian movies "Circus". Coincidentally, she played an American dancer defecting to Soviet Union.

She looked stunning even in her twilight years.


SassyUptownChic said...

This is truly an amazing story!!! Gorgeous woman! I love hearing about people's lives. So glad you spotlighted her. That's why I appreciate your blog! Have a great day! :)
SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

Taryn said...

I love the inspiration of the 30'S this would be why =)

mymihaslittlefairy said...

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ZuckerKleidchen said...

really nice post! very informative and beautiful pics! your blog is great!!

Anonymous said...

amazing woman!love this post!

Danielle said...

Beautiful women. I love your blog, I learn something new every time I visit! :)

Your comment on my post made me chuckle, my red suede wedges are awesome, I managed to last most of the day in them too, although my feet will be suffering tomorrow! Haha



Nadine-Alexi said...

Good job! You've got great blog, interesting subject!
I'll be reading !


Anonymous said...

I love your series "From Russia with Love"! A great idea! I look forward to new entries!

You've got a lovely blog!

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