Monday, October 10, 2011

Laduree in Dubai

I think I need to get out more often.

Few days back I was schlepping around Dubai Mall and was quite surprised to stumble upon small Laduree cafe. In case you did not know, Laduree is venerable French patisserie, landmark destination to take pix while in Paris and place to indulge in some of the best macaroons France has to offer.

Well, Dubai's own branch of Laduree is crammed into some dark and spooky corner on the last floor of Dubai Mall, sandwiched between forever empty Nina Ricci boutique and some other overpriced store. It opened the doors to Dubai sugar-craving crowd back in summer of 2010.

Now, I'm not a fan of macaroons, but I appreciate the aesthetics.

Laduree Religiouse. Yeah, I dunno either...

Laduree Cupcakes

Did you know, that Laduree collaborated with Sephora (macaroon-scented make up and beauty products), , Louboutin, Marni, Lacroix, Galliano and my personal fave - Mickey Mouse?

Laduree For Sephora

Loubs for Laduree

Loubs Macaroons - Get it? Red Soles!

Marni For Laduree

Lacroix for Laduree

Galliano for Laduree

Matthew Williamson for Laduree

Mickey For Laduree


A good girl said...

если мне память не изменяет, то магазин там давно был, при входе от фонтанов. это они кафе открыли свое? я все время ходила мимо и тогда не понимала что за печенье и почему все фанатеют.но надо сказать, что красотой и только они отличаются, а вот сейчас еще увизеда, что и тематика своя, но я придерживаюсь мнения, что слишком высокая цена на них. ничего особенного, но вкусно.

SassyUptownChic said...

I've heard about Laduree and how wonderful they are! I'm not a macaroon person either, but I am definitely going to look up that Sephora beauty line! HAHAHAHA Thanks for sharing! Very informative! :D

i.r. said...

@ a good girl - yes, it's a very teeny-tiny cafe, there's only 2 little tables inside and as much outside. And I agree with you, very pricey!

@sassyUptownChic - I'll take beignets from Cafe Du Mond with chicory coffee over Laduree macaroons anytime, thankyouverymuch ;)

White List said...

Those macaroons look nice!!!

Barbie Chiu said...

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sarah lee said...

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