Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things I Covet

1.  Peace in the Middle East

I wish this region peace and prosperity.  I want to go to Syria and visit ancient Allepo and Damascus, experience famous Syrian hospitality and perhaps, buy a piece of gorgeous damascene furniture.  I want to go to Beirut and enjoy it's sites without being constantly security-checked and re-checked at most entrances.  Is it too much to ask?

2. Barbour Quilted Jacket

This is probably temporarily insanity, but since i came back from France a week ago, i've been obsessed with Barbour jackets.  It was nice and cool 15 Celsius and parisians looked tre chic in their black scarves, black boots and black quilted Barbour jackets.  Girls had those ugly doctor-bag looking satchels hanging from their shoulders, some in brown distressed leather, some black and some (horror!) neon colored.

Satchels i don't care for at all, but quilted Barbour jackets rock my boat!

3. Pastel Colored Jeans

Is one ever too old for pink colored jeans?  Is there cut off date to apply to the pastel-loving club?
Am I past my baby pink-jeans wearing exparation date?
Oh, the conundrum!

Plus, I'd like to purchase an ass and legs like Christina Millian's


Anonymous said...

Your number 1 is wonderful, I agree with you!

As for number 3... I was going to write that myself I'd covet having her body and then noticed your comment in small letters :) She looks great!

J n Nty said...

Cute pics love the colors

Anthea Lau said...

neon satchels and pink jeans are definitely wicked! Need 'em all! xo

Anonymous said...

great post!love the pink pants!

Jenny K. said...

Love those bags

preethi Prasad said...

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Julie said...

Just love these neon satchels !

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