Saturday, August 15, 2009


I got the Texas connection!

HSY is a Pakistani-based designer studio that is a brain-child of one Hassan Sheheryar Yassin (HSY, duh). Besides clothing, they carry jewelry line and are venturing into home furnishing.
HSY has stores in UK, Pakistan, Dubai and Texas!
I googled them and they have studio/representative in Sugarland, Houston!

HSY even has it's own wikipedia page.

That said wiki page proudly mentions that "current clientèle include royal families in the Middle East, social elites in South Asia, and more recently, social elite from the US and Europe."

Oh no, they didn't!

Just joking. They did.

But it's ok, because i like what they offer - yet another fusion, and from the looks of it, pretty dang interesting.
HSY is a recipient of MTV 2008 Style Icon award and a staple of Dubai Fashion Week.

Take a look-see:


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