Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sheikh Hamdan's Pets

When you and I decide on a pet, it's usually a cat or a dog.  Sometimes it's a ferret, a guinea pig or a parakeet.  Most adventurous pet owner I know has a tarantula.

Wanna know what local royalties keep as pets?

I knew you would!

Crown Prince of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum has 2 very rare white tigers:

2 white lions (although i think the lions grew too big for safe keeping and they were generously donated to a zoo in Al Ain):

a heard of camels worth at least $2.7 million:

various horses, dogs and falcons:

Looks like Sheikh Hamdan geniunely loves his unusual pets and all big cats in general.  Here's he's spending some quality time with another gorgeous animal on his safari trip to Tanzania:

And now you know!


Good girl said...

oh i love the tigers and lions! I wish i was part of royal family hmmhmm

i.r. said...

Дорогая Good Girl!
"Так выпьем же за то чтобы наши желания всегда совпадали с нашими возможностями!"

Mai said...

They love their pets!

Anonymous said...

beautiful animals and good way of taking there care

Anonymous said...

i wish i wer part of the royal family 2..
<3 hamdan <3

Unknown said...

Hamdan jus sexi on d whole

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Prnce Hamdan ! I wish new life and true love

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