Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum (nickname Fazza) is the second son of Dubai's ruler, Sheikh Mohammed and his first wife Sheikha Hind.

He is 27 years old (born 1982) and has been chosen by his father to be a Crown Prince.
Fazza is a graduate of Sandhurst, British military college and also attended famous London School of Economics.

For such a young gentleman, Fazza is extremely busy statesman - he is heavily involved in emirate's business life and is on the board of most major business commissions and councils.

Additionally, Fazza is quite and accomplished athlet and horseman.

But, to me, personally, the most endearing thing about him is his penchant for poetry.
Just like his dad, Sheikh Mohammed, Fazza writes and publishes poetry.

Also, he is rather easy on the eyes.
Take a look-see.

Pix are from his official website www.fazza3.com


Anonymous said...

For me Hadman is the beautifulr Prince from seen me. It has deep eyes, a wonderful face. It writes beautifulst poetries, he is much sportsman, it loves the animals. The people who love the animals have a good heart, are sensitive are pure in the spirit. I hope for Hadman an affective of love and not arranged tie from the families. Sometimes it must change the rules. I always read on facebook, is wonderful. She compliments for your blog, very beautiful.

i.r. said...

Thanks Caterina!

Anonymous said...

You so hot~

Kristina Najdovska said...

I want to marry him:D

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