Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yesterday we went to the british toy store "Hemley's" and my daughter immediately made a bee-line to the humongous Barbie House. It's a size of a Minnie Mouse House in DisneyWorld and serves as show case for Barbie and Fulla.

I bet i lost you on the second name.

I didn't know her either, but apparently, Fulla is islamic reincarnation of Barbie - she is approximately the same in size and proportions, but instead of typical Barbie outfits she wears hijab and abaya.
Oh, and she is also a brunette.

Fulla was created by Dubai manufacturer in 1999 and is huge in the Middle East. She is even sold in Far East and Brazil and sometimes can be bought in US.
Fulla is so big, that jewelry company Damas has created Fulla Collection for the little girls or just young at heart.
All the pieces are made of gold w/diamonds, semiprecious stones and enamel.


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