Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Jewelry is a big thing in the Middle East. Dubai, obviously is not an exception.
I've counted 38 jewelry stores in one of the malls, and that's not including stores, specializing in jewelry and watches.

Gold and precious stones collections are designed to look quite opulent and excessive.
Local girls wear humongous rings, mostly of the beautiful, girly designs of pretty flowers, dripping in diamonds, rubies and emeralds. It does look adorable on the hands, freshly painted with the intricate henna design; but i imagine it would look really absurd with jeans and T-shirt.

I recently discovered collection called "Farfasha" (what a cute word! don't know if it has a meaning) by a middle eastern jewelry powerhouse Damas.
This collection is rather light-hearted, as it's intended for younger, hipper crowd.

See for yourself:

Pix are from www.damasjewel.com


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