Saturday, July 11, 2009


Back in 2006 Michael Jackson got himself in quite a pickle in one of the malls in Dubai.

In order to go incognito, he decided to wear abaya, and since he could not very well to go to men's bathroom to adjust his make-up, while dressed in woman's cloth, he used ladies restroom.
Naturally, some woman saw a man in abaya in the the girl's loo and chaos ensued.
Security, mall management, local reporters - everyone got involved as hell broke loose.
M.J., however did not learn his lesson, as later on he was photographed in Bahrain, still wearing an abaya.

I don't blame him, though.
I myself am deeply intrigued by this garment. It looks awfully comfortable, it hides multitude of sins and it's very flattering on one's body.
Abaya is a loose cloak, that at the same time is fitted. Kinda hard to explain, but it gives a walking lady floating appearance.
I'm looking to buy one for myself.

Over the years abaya underwent quite an evolution.
It started as a simple black cloak, meant to hide a woman's body. Today's abayas are still black and long, but now they come embellished with flowers, crystals, rhinestones. Sometimes i see them decorated with tassels.

World's most expensive abaya costs $US 350,000 and decorated with almost a pound of white gold and a ridiculous amount of diamonds.
It's on the pic below, modeled by an european-looking brunette. Proceeds from sale of this abaya go to a charity.


Anonymous said...

The garments your showing don't feel traditionally Muslim and feel a bit more Moroccan. I can just imagine Lalla Salma in the second look. Mr. Jackson is a bit frightening in that look.

i.r. said...

Hi there! You know, here in Dubai girls really fancy-up their abayas with all sorts of details and embellishments. And, besides, isn't abaya more of a cultural garment, rather than religious?

And, yeah, MJ does look scary in it:)

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