Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Singapore Series: Die, die, must try!

Back at the beginning of November we had a short holiday and decided to explore Far East with kids.
I've never been to that part of the world and was really looking forward to explore Singapore.
Needless to say, we all fell in love.

To me, any trip should be treated not only as a sightseeing outing but as a culinary adventure as well.  Singapore provides just that.  We didn't go to any fancy restaurants, but frequented street food stalls instead - they are called Hawker Centers because in olden times food vendors use to hustle or hawk you to try their offerings.
Nowadays they do not hawk anyone, but instead operate in sort of covered market facilities under strict municipal supervision.

3 major cultures and cuisines inhabit Singapore - Chinese, Malay and Indian, resulting in mouthwatering gastronomical paradise.

Here's my "Die, die, must try!" of Singers:

1. Lau Pa Sat Hawker Center (Mostly Straits Chinese Cuisine)

Satay Vendor

Not as easily excitable Satay Vendor

 2. Maxwell Street Hawker Center (Chinese Cuisine)

Dumplings Soup and #19 (I can't pronounce it, but it was DELISH)

All the food is made in front of your eyes - dumplings are filled, noodles are boiled, vegs are chopped

This is where the soup, dumplings and #19 were made!

3. Fruit Stalls in "Little India" 'hood

Alfonso Mangoes (not allowed to export to US)

4.  Teh Tarik /Tarik Tea - Singaporean Chai Tea Latte (lots of spices, lots of sugar, lots of milk)

If you want your Teh Tarik to go, you pay a little extra and get this ingenious contraption.  No spills.

5.  Cool Pearl Milk Tea on a humid day in Little China

Chocolate Tapioca (hence "pearl") on the bottom of cold milk tea. Refreshing.

6.  Dry Sweet Little Curiosities Sold Everywhere
Press Salted Jujube? Grape Prunes?

To be continued...


Plami said...

Everything looks so so delicious!


Celia said...

I spent so much of my childhood in Singapore and love the place so much, lovely to see some pics & reminders :) x

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