Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Singapore Series: Little India

Little India is quite a substantial neighborhood in Singapore, where, yes, you guessed it, Singaporiean Indians live.

This particular stretch of streets in a complete opposite to orderly, manicured streets of the city itself.  Little India is so colorful, vibrant, fragrant and bustling with all sorts of people.

Of course, there are tourists, but mainly it's shopkeepers, tailors, that set their sewing machines right on the pavement outside the clothing shops, fruit sellers, fresh flower garland vendors, sari-clad ladies out for grocery shopping. 
It's a moving, breathing, talking and gawking mass, so full of Eastern spirit and sensibilities, something that is not so apparent in Westernized Singapore.

Here is what we saw in Little India:

Fresh Flower Garlands for Temples

One is not to smell them - their fragrance is an offering to gods of the temple


Wrong kind of Indian

One of major temples


To be continued...


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Chandra said...

Oh, I want to go there! What a wonderful place!


Sabrina said...

the colors! Everything is so vibrant and beautiful. WOW.

thanks for sharing.



Valeria said...

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lady writer said...

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WMBG said...

great post!


skippysays said...

Looks like such a beautiful, colorful area!

i.r. said...

Thanks everyone! If you have a chance - visit Singapore, you won't regret any of it:)

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